Sunday, April 13, 2014

I think Spring is finally here.  I'm so glad.  While most of our winter was Jan - March 2014 it's been a long winter.  Spring flowers are an awaited sight.  Hope you are enjoying the green grass and flowers around you.  My sad little "Happy Easter" carrot is about 20 years old and falling apart.  Not sure why the pansies were so poopy but a little color is still welcomed.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sewing Corner & Quilting: Microwave Bowls

While I've been playing, now sure if I've shared this.  I learned how to make these back in Nov. and have been making lots.  Seems like it takes me forever.  Idea is that you can sit your bowl of soup, etc. in the microwave fabric bowl.  This way you don't need pot holders to take it out of the microwave and you can just eat in your chair if you wish.

Now Don has discovered he likes it for ice cream, cereal, warmed up left overs.  He uses his all the time.  I gave away a few for Christmas and so far everyone has loved them.  Great gifts.

Lots of directions on youtube and Pinterest.  Mine starts out at 10.5" sq. piece of fabric.   MUST be 100% cotton fabric, batting and thread.
Happy to share if anyone needs help making one.... but if you make one, you'll need 2 for sure.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 2014 class projects

Most of you know by now that I've only been offering an afternoon class for my seniors (or anyone) and the fee is $15 for 2.5 hr. class and I'll supply everything you need.   If you need double stick tape for a project, I'll provide it for that project.  Otherwise we use glue sticks.  You may prefer your own adhesive.   I also offer 2 evening classes that mostly includes my gals in stamp club and they pay a club fee.  From time to time I will have a seat open if you are interested and the class fee is $15 same as my seniors class.

Thanks to some of my stampers we checked the Easter stamp section and found this cute retired set with the bunnies that I do think make the little egg tote very cute.   Here are the results.    It's been requested that we do this project again in April.  I'd encourage you to get your eggs early.    I noticed Walmart had a lot, box of 5 for $2.88 but the caramel was all gone and I got the last 2 chocolate I could find in Kernersville.    If you purchase the punch listed below, we'll plan a play date for those folks to make 5 of these (bring your own eggs) in April.  See the special below. 

Always bring a sweater and dress in layers as my stamp room is downstairs in my basement.  that I have less classes these days.  2 evening classes that are gals in my stamp club.  There are a couple of seats open if I need to fit someone in.

Call me if you are interested in a class, if there is a cancellation.  336-764-3546

 Well of course I planned on finishing up the March class projects this past weekend but being without power put a kink in my plans.  Then of course UPS was late delivering my order and then on top of that, Stampin Up was out of the punch I was waiting for to do one of the projects, the little Cadbury tote.

Darn, sure was counting on that punch.   So, improvise.....   I had some tag dies, taped two together and the little tote came together.  Now of course the punch that's on backorder would make for less work but if you like it, come back in April and we'll make more just in time for Easter mini gifts.   Also get your eggs before they are gone.  I found packs of 5 to a box for about $2.88 at Walmart.  The chocolate is in chocolate foil, the caramel in gold foil and of course the normal Cadbury egg in the Red and blue foil.    Now I bought chocolate and caramel but since I'm also making some gifts, guess I'll go back and get some of the regular eggs.

Joan's March Special:  Purchase the  "Scalloped Tag Topper Punch #133324"  price $22.95 Scalloped Tag Topper Punchand you'll be invited back to make 5 more of the little egg totes before Easter.  You can stamp what you want based on what I have.   Depending on the number, I'll do an afternoon and evening session and the fee will be $5 unless you purchase the punch in which case, it's free.    Be sure to pick up your pack of eggs before they get gone so you'll be ready and don't eat them.  You'll want to have them when you make the totes.    This punch could also be used to put over other candies as well or just make tags.  Punches sure do make life easier and I've learned over time, in the long run, it's worth it.

March 2014 projects:  You will make each card this month and one egg tote with choice of egg.    This is your chance to be an artist and do a little watercolor and the a simple but elegant card in black and vanilla.  I think it would be fun to make the black/vanilla card perhaps again in a class but maybe in another color palette.  

Now, while a bit late, I think the little egg tote would be cute for St. Patty's day with some candy and shamrock in green glitter.  

Ok, so I'm ready for spring and Don is making me put away the snowmen in the house and my Snow pillow.  

Ice and sleet left us back in pioneer days

Don't know about you but we had limbs everywhere during the last ice and sleet storm.   Limbs were snapped from the tops of trees.  Many were touching the ground.  Needless to say we called to get our name on the tree cutting list on Friday and by Sunday am the chainsaws were going in the neighborhood.

 We were without power for 2 days as well as Mama so she came to stay with us.  At 91 I was not leaving her in her house with a Kerosun heater.    We had ventless gas logs that kept our entire house toasty.  It was about 76 on the top floor and as me if I had on shorts and tank top during the power outage.  I was roasting in the house.   We also have a gas stove so we could also cook.  Now nights were long without lights.    Then there is the matter of the CPap machine.   Sadly I can't sleep without the breathing machine so it was a very long night for me.  

Someone mentioned..... what did people do without lights at night.  If you had asked me that about 30 years ago, I would have jumped on that answer....   You know who you are thinking the same thing.  Well at 66, 70 and 91, we just all went to bed.  Ok, at 66 and needing the breathing machine I was surrounded by candles at 3 am, clipping coupons.

Ok so it doesn't look so bad but it was.

Feb 2014 class projects, better late than enver

What have you been doing this winter?    Well I've been sewing a lot and due to all the snacking, dealing with some medical issues.  Can you tell I've been moving in slow motion.

Due to weather the Feb classes got moved all around so Valentine day cards needed to be changed.  We did 4 cards in Feb.  Sorry I didn't get the cards posted in Feb.   Just in case you might be interested in making these at home I'm posting them now.  Sorry to be so late.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

See what Stampin Up has to offer

I will have to say that in the years that I attended the Stampin Up conventions, I did have a great time.  They are over the top on presentation and what they do for their demonstrators.    I started with Stampin Up August 2001.  Hard to believe it's been that long.

Was just watching a video of the past convention and thinking about past fun.

They are posting even more things for the non demonstrator to check out.

Be sure to check out the blog attached.  It offers weekly Stampin Up deals.  They you can place your order at my site.

                        See Shop:

If you ever see a Stampin Up special to join the team, think about it as it's usually a good deal for what you get and in addition you'll get a monthly magazine full of ideas.

Call me if you have questions, Joan Lowder, 336-764-3546 or send me an email,

Don't forget that I also have a special this month.  See Jan cards for special.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 2014 stamp class & My Jan special

It's January 2014 and time to start stamping together again.

If you ever see projects posted that you want more information on, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I'm doing club and senior classes that are already scheduled.  Next class is Monday, Jan 20, 1-3:30 pm, $15 per person and I'll supply everything you will need unless you prefer to bring your own adhesive.  I normally use glue sticks and other where necessary.  Call me for a seat, 336-764-3546

The cards below are the projects for Jan. 2014 classes.   The words can change to suit your needs.

This card features one of my favorite sets, Lovely as a tree, # #128655 in wood $ $27.95 and clear is #127793  $ 19.95.   Many of you know that this was the first set I bought when I started with Stampin Up in 2001.

 It's a simple card with a hit of snow with the shimmer from Smooch Vanilla shimmer.

   The featured set this month is "Wetlands" pg. 69 in the big catalog.  #126695 in Wood, $21.95 and #126697 in Clear $ 16.95.

 Get 1 of these cards in the mail.    or...... see beow.
 Place an order for Wetlands in Jan. and I'll send you one of the cards below (your choice) with envelope for your sample or ready to mail.   When you place your order on line, SU sends me an email with a copy of your order.  

Joan's January 2014 special:  
Place an order for Wetlands, a pack of Asst. cardstock (your choice) and Smooch Spritz, pg. 164, #118772 Vanilla Shimmer and I'll send you all three cards.  

2013 is over and 2014 is here......

Happy New Year to all

Did you think I just faded away.    Amazing how time flies by and I think I'll get around to it tomorrow and it just doesn't happen.   Oct. was crazy trying to get ready for vacation and I didn't have much to post I guess.  

Vacation:  Jep, that's what happens when you don't have a plan.  Ok, I sort of had a plan for vacation.  3 C's of vacation caused this Hen to turn into a stuffed turkey.  3 C's were too much Chilling out, Too much chowing down on not so good snacks and crafting which means sitting = stuffed turkey.  

 Now the snacks were actually pretty good and I enjoyed every bite.  Thank goodness vacation was not longer.

Don't really have much to show for the time I took off so looking back, I must have done way too much chilling out.

I bought a new tablet just before vacation, a cheapy so that I could wander thru Pinterest while Don's ballgame is in the background.   Needless to say, I heard about Candy Crush (ok so I'm a little late with some things).  I showed it to Don.  The table has not been back in my hands since it landed in his.  If I ever lose him, I'll give them the tablet for his fingerprints.

While on vacation I went to water aerobics, noodled in the pool, went to sing with the folk singers, hung out with some new and old friends and worked on my stitchery, went to colored pencil workshops, stopped by to check on the polymer clay group and Zentangle workshops.   Good that the last thing I did was attend a meeting on diabetes.    I worked on a colored pencil project, a little zentangle and some stitchery.  A friend loaned me some coffee motifs that I'm stitching by hand in brown and will turn into a small wall hanging.  I learned how to make Fabric Microwave bowls to put your soup in so you don't burn your hangs when it comes out of the microwave.  Lots of them posted on Pinterest.
Vacation time weather was grey most of the time but it was a change of scenery.  Dec. was spent at home doing a bit of decorating for the holidays.  I pulled out things from the Christmas corner I had not seen in years.  Just a sign that I could stand to go thru that corner and share with others for their next Christmas.  

In the back of my mind I was planning for the new year thinking about making resolutions.  Well you know how that goes.  One thing that I hope I can stick to and so far it's only worked for one day but the year is young.    That is to spend 1 hour a day sorting thru things that need to leave my house.

When I think that we moved in this house with the clothes on our backs from the house fire and to see what we (ok mostly me) have accumulated in all this time.  It's amazing.  I'm a bit of a clutter bug, neat but still a collector.    I also like things on the walls.

While we were gone we had the bedroom painted and woodwork from stained to white.  Well it's so pretty and now the windows look so pretty as well with the woodwork against the new paint color, "Dakota Trail" from Lowes, sort of a beige green that changes with the light.

 Yep, I'm now made it over a month with 0 on the walls in the bedroom.  While I thought I'd put a lot of it back up, I'm rethinking that and will chose carefully as it will be there for a while.    Unlike mama,  once I hang it, it's there for a long stretch.    Mama often has different things on the walls and tables every 3-6 months.  She loves to shop which I hate.

Anyway, I had some friends over in Dec. which gave me a good excuse to decorate and clean up.

Looking back I think I had a pretty good year.  Surrounded by some friends and projects.  I managed to do 14 preemie quilts for Brenner Children's Hospital  (my goal was 12) and 4 nappies for preK as part of our guild, Forsyth Piecers and Quilters.     I did a few stamp classes every month and just planning for those kept me busy.    I decided to volunteer to read at the assist. living and for anyone who knows me, I don't read so thought it would be good for my brain and treat for them.   I meet with 2 friends for dinner once a month and that's good girl time.

My friend Mary Jane and I used to meet half way for lunch and crafting but it was fly by night and often it wouldn't happen so in Jan 2013 we set a schedule to meet 3rd. Friday for lunch, crafting, show and tell.  Good plan because we had a great year and lots of fun and we stayed on schedule.    Doesn't seem like much but when you are retired, time just flies by and I've learned if I don't plan for it, it doesn't happen.

Not much happening at our house for Christmas as it's just me and Don but this year was one to remember.    Mama called at 4 am Christmas Day to say she wasn't well.  Of course she didn't press the first alert.  Out came the night guard, off the cpap machine, brushed my teeth, put on some clothes and off I went to check on her.  She's 91 and hardly ever been sick.    In the mean time, Don called to say that she had also called my middle sister for them to call 911.   By the time we all got their the ambulance was loading her and off we went to the hospital.  She had fluid on her lungs and heart.  She couldn't breathe.

No traffic on the road and the emergency room was quiet.  Only one other person in their and our family.  My middle sister has not spoken to me in several years.  Seems I stepped on her toes and not sure what I did but connection was lost.  It was a bit tense in the room but all the family was now there including my baby sister, husbands.    Once we got to go back, 2 at a time, Mama said.... is everyone here.  I prayed for everyone to be together for Christmas.  I've requested that in the future she pray for a better place to meet.   There is a smidge more conversation now, mostly thru email as we look toward the future.

Turns out we did have a family Christmas which she has wanted for the past 10 years.

Mama is now on 3 new meds (only 2 in the past) compared to my 10.   There are night lights all over her house and her first alert is around her neck where it should be.     She's bouncing back slowly.

We did not have our traditional lunch on New Years Day with Mama, my friend Linda and me and Don.  We did however have a smaller version of our meal.  Mama was happy to just have a plate brought to her and we were just not up for company.  The food this year was grilled ham, collards with country ham, black eyed peas, rolls, cranberry sauce and this year a store bought key lime pie.

The year has started off very slowly as I also had planned to exercise 1/1/14 daily and that hasn't happened yet either.   Jan 5 and the hour a day of sorting has slipped away but perhaps I'll start tomorrow.  Tonight I'll think about where I'll spend that hour.

So here's to a new year as good as the last one and as Miss Scarlett would say, I'll worry about it tomorrow.    Hope you all have a wonderful year and hope I run into you along the way.

Hugs from Joan.

2 flags in one

I'm a little late posting this but it will work in any season.

Well it was time to change my flag in Dec.  I opened up my box labeled Flags and started pulling out Winter flags.  Of course I was crazy enough to buy 2 of those flags with writing that you can only read from one side.  DUH, who gets to read it, which side to hang which way.

 Well I got the bright idea (because I was on a roll in Dec.) to sew them together and make one.  Viola.... it worked.  You can't read one thru the other and now they both are hanging outside and will carry me thru Jan I think.    Here's what I did.    First I stitched them together at the top and then had to go down about 2 inches and stitch across again to make the new pocket for the rod.  Then I just stitch around the sides and bottom to form one flat.  This is what they looked like before I put them together.    They now hang as one flat.   I'm pleased with it and for me, Happy Holidays can also mean, winter and snow so I think it will hang thru Jan 2014.     Now where is the snow.  I want a little.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Oct class is all about Christmas

Sorry I'm so late this month.  Here are the projects for the Oct. 2013 class.  Of course I'm still  tweaking them and cutting for class.   
At this point I only have 3 classes this month.   My classes this month are full.
 If interested, I need 3 people for a class and I can possibly throw together another Oct. class.   Class is normally 2.5 hr. and I'll provide everything you need.  Class is $15.  Call me, Joan 764-3546.

Next class will be in Dec.

Inside of Country card

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